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Our Salon

Welcome to SMHS,  a place where you can enjoy the art of relaxation. Our salon will provide all the elements to guarantee you the ultimate hair care experience.

We aim to provide an atmosphere where you will feel rejuvenated and pleased with your hair care experience.  From the moment you enter the salon you will be catered to. Our clients leave satisfied with our methods of hair care.  


  Our clients are given a range of hair and scalp cocktail treatments.

Peaceful, aromatherapy, serene...
From the moment you enter you will be catered to with the ultimate hair care experience.

We provide a varied range of scalp and hair cocktail treatments to our clients through our botanical hair care line PHYTO

Our Products

PHYTO or Phytologie uses only the most effective active ingredients available in the botanical world to maintain and achieve healthy-looking hair and reveal its natural beauty.


The founder, Mr. Patrick Ales is an artist and true visionary who combined his love for hair styling and passion for the healing power of plants into a natural hair care line.


PHYTO focuses on long term benefits and to improve and restore the health of your hair.

PHYTO drew inspiration from plants well before the emergence and popularity of environmental awareness. To this day, their family owned laboratories carefully select the plants with the most beneficial properties for use in every product. PHYTO's solutions boast extremely high concentrations of active botanical extracts with clinically proven and fabulous results.


Master Technician

Angelyn Mapp is an artistic and innovative stylist.  With more than thirteen years of experience, her passion for healthy hair, coupled with her universal sense of style enables her to deliver exactly what her clients want.


Trained at Jean Madelaine Cosmetology school, Angelyn honed her craft at top hair salons in both Philadelphia and New York.  Her work has been featured on VH1 Divas and she is often “in demand” for styling models throughout the Tri-State region.  From bold colors and edgy cuts, to long flowing layers and natural highlights, Angelyn works with each client to create a look that fits their unique personal style.

In 2001 Angelyn launched Seth McKinley Hair Studios.  Her roster of clients includes a wide array of people from various backgrounds and ethnicities.  She infuses color and form, texture and movement into a brilliant expression of beauty.  Angelyn is passionate about her craft and educating others on what it takes to keep hair healthy and beautiful, “It’s all about nourishing your body on the inside to reap the benefits on the outside.  Healthy eating and drinking water are the building blocks for the foundation that leads to luxurious, voluminous tresses.”

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